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Any reputable towing company will know the kind of services you need after asking you a few questions on the phone. If you have a light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicle, they can handle it.

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Best Heavy-duty Towing In Naugatuck, CT

There is often a lack of differentiation between different types of towing services that people need. However, job assignments can vary greatly depending on the towing you need. With Quick Towing Naugatuck, you’ll be able to get your towing needs met. We have towing trucks for all vehicles, no matter how big or how small. Many people mistakenly believe that their pickup truck qualifies as a heavy-duty towing vehicle. It does not qualify as such. Light-duty vehicles are usually used for everyday transportation. Size and weight of the vehicle in question determine whether a vehicle is light, medium, or heavy-duty.

It is not easy to tow heavy vehicles. It requires a specific type of tow truck. Otherwise, the body and transmission of your vehicle may be damaged. Heavy-duty towing requires a level of experience and precision not all towing companies possess. Our heavy-duty towing trucks are operated by drivers with the necessary training at Quick Towing Naugatuck.

Typically, heavy-duty vehicles include buses, tractors, trailers, garbage trucks, and more. Such vehicles can weigh anywhere from 26,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds. As a result, they require trucks that are specially equipped to handle such loads.

There are heavy-duty tow trucks that utilize under-reach and wheel-life technologies. Our trucks are capable of handling heavy loads without damaging your vehicle.

Generally, we’ll lift your heavy-duty vehicle using both of its front wheels. It is easier to transport the vehicle with the rear wheels still on the ground.

Certified drivers operate our heavy tow trucks. With their training, they are capable of handling even the
most complex of situations. Our goal is to get the job done correctly the first time.
Towing semi trucks and big rigs how we handle it

Our semi tow team at Quick Towing Naugatuck understands how crucial it is for your fleet to be fully functional at all times. Your truck’s downtime will be minimized to the greatest extent possible. To ensure prompt response times for our customers, we place our heavy duty tow trucks throughout our service area at strategic points.

The journey of Quick Towing Naugatuck begins with our amazing dispatch team that is available 24/7. The members of our heavy duty towing dispatch team have years of experience in this field. To identify the right towing company for you, they ask what questions they should.

Our dispatch team is capable of providing you with accurate ETAs for your heavy tow truck operator using our state-of-the-art GPS technology installed in each of our tow trucks. Our team will assess the situation as soon as they reach you. Their plan will then be presented to you for the move of your truck or heavy equipment.

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At Quick Towing Naugatuck., we believe in clear communication. No matter what the next step is, we will let you know. Once the job is completed, there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. It doesn’t have to be stressful to hire a tow truck for a semi truck. Get your truck back on the road quickly with Naugatuck, CT’s largest towing company!


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